Whats New

Booking Flow and Tracking EDI Data Sync Optimization
What’s New

Booking Flow and Tracking EDI Data Sync Optimization

Workflow Optimization for Converting Bookings into Shipments

Under Ocean Export Booking List, a new Convert to shipment button is added to replace the current Create New MB/L & HB/L and Attach to MB/L buttons.

With the update, new single / multiple booking conversion flows are implemented for users to convert bookings into shipments more easily and intuitively. Users will still have the option to attach one or multiple bookings to an existing MB/L.

Tracking EDI Data Sync Optimization Under Ocean Export

Dest.CY/CFS Location and Dest. Rail fields are now added under Ocean Export. These two new fields will be auto-filled with EDI data for the export side to have better visibility of containers after being unloaded from the vessel.

Please contact support@hardcoretech.co to activate.

Under the Container & Item tab, seven new fields relating to the CY/CFS location and rail are added to the dashboard. Including Gate In, Carrier Release, Custom Release, Uploaded from Vessel, Yard Location, Available, and Appt.

For users who have tracking EDI activated, data in these fields will be automatically filled with the latest updates.

Tracking EDI Database Update

The real-time container data for Canadian terminals: Deltaport and Vanterm are now available for GoFreight Container Tracking Software users.

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