Clean Truck Fund A/P, Better Filtering, and EDI Tracking Data Enhancement

1 minute read
July 15, 2022

Clean Truck Fund A/P is now available to generate

In the container list view under Ocean Shipments, a Clean Truck Fund A/P can now be created in just a few clicks.

Clean Truck Fund A/P

Managers have the option to set a default charge amount for every user so repeat entries can be avoided.

Managers to set the Clean Truck Fund charge amount

Filter containers by Office

Office information is now available to check at a container level.

You can now go to My Containers ➝ Config, and check the Office box to filter containers.

Filter containers by Office

GoFreight Tracking

EDI database enhancement

The real-time container data for carrier TRKU (Turkon Line Inc.) and the Port Newark Container Terminal are now available for GoFreight Container Tracking Software users.

More accurate Place of Delivery / ETA information

Place of Delivery ETA on GoFreight Tracking will now be auto-updated with rail EDI data.

More accurate Place of Delivery ETA