Whats New

Field Setting Optimization and Email Notification for Air Tracking
What’s New

Field Setting Optimization and Email Notification for Air Tracking

GoFreight Core

Set Certain Fields as Mandatory on Both Ocean & Air Modules

The following fields under the GoFreight Ocean Module can now be set as mandatory fields:

  • HBL Shipper
  • HBL Notify
  • HBL Consignee

For Air Module, users can choose between:

  • HAWB Shipper
  • HAWB Notify
  • HAWB Consignee
  • MAWB#
  • Arrival Date/Time
  • Departure Date/Time

Contact support@gofreight.co to set up and avoid missing critical information when inputting shipment data.

Show Original Currency in the Accounting Section

Both the main and original currencies are now available to display on AR/AP under the Accounting section. You can easily check revenues, costs, balances, and much more in a multi-currency display.

To set this feature up, please contact support@gofreight.co.

GoFreight Tracking

Receive Email Notifications When EDI Updates Key Air Tracking Timestamps

GoFreight Air Tracking now provides real-time email notifications when the key timestamps are updated by our EDI-powered data. Timestamps include STA, STD, ATA, and ATD. You may now set up email notifications about shipment status for both your customers and yourselves.

Set up for yourselves: My Profile → Air Email Notifications
Set up for your customers: Setting → Tracking User Management → User Profile → Air Email Notification

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