Manage Invoice-based Exchange Rates and Keep an Eye on the Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss

2 minutes read
June 19, 2021


More flexible way to specify exchange rates for specific invoices

Aside from using the exchange rates set in the default currency table, you can specify the exchange rates for a specific invoice with the “Currency Rate Ref” field.

Once you choose the “user defined” option, a window will appear for you to specify the internal and external rates for different currencies found in the specific invoice.

When you hover your mouse cursor over the currency column, it will display the exchange rates that you just set up for this invoice.

Worrying about the exchange gain/loss?

Most of the time, the exchange rate of the invoice is often different from the exchange rate of the actual payment. The system will compute for the exchange gain and loss caused by this difference as you get to the payment view.

Manage exchange rates at an invoice level and you will no longer have to dig out the original exchange rates and compute the exchange gain and loss by yourself!

Editing your shipment status under vessel schedule with fewer steps

Under OE vessel schedule, you can now switch to the edit mode to edit the MB/L No, Container No, and TP/SZ columns without having to first click on the specific HB/L, edit the information of the corresponding MB/L, and wait for the edited information to be displayed here.

You can also lock the shipment so that the information in the editable columns can no longer be changed. These columns will be highlighted by the lock icon displayed in the first column.

What’s improved

  1. The content of the B/L clause now matches with the content of HB/L when printed
  2. You are no longer required to write anything in the “Memo” field when creating a new memo.