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The Only Container Tracking System You Will Need for Your Freight Forwarding Business

With more than 4,728,826 containers tracked, GoFreight offers comprehensive container tracking solutions to advanced ocean visibility. Explore real-world use cases and see how freight forwarders have saved more than $30K per month in detention and demurrage fees alone using GoFreight’s container tracking software.

For You For Your Customers

Unparalleled Container Tracking System That Centralizes Your Container Status in One Place

From Ocean Carrier, Terminal, and Rail EDI

Integrated with multiple sources of information and cross-referencing to provide the most accurate container status on the market.

Notification of Abnormal Containers

The operation team will be alerted of abnormal containers so that they can respond to the shipments instantly to avoid potential delay risks.

One Portal for All Shipment Access

With the centralized portal for your customers to access their shipment and container information, your freight forwarding services will be the most outstanding one in the region.

What Is a Container Tracking System? Why Do You Need the Best Container Tracking System?

A Container Tracking System centralizes container data from multiple sources of information, allowing you to identify the location of your sea cargo along with its status. With the system in hand, you can save hours from checking carrier and terminal websites.

A good Container Tracking System allows you to track the movement and real-time status of your containers by entering a bill of lading/container number/SKU number. Therefore, you can arrange your follow-up operations such as the appointment of truck drivers.

GoFreight - visibility

With a Good Container Tracking Software, You Will Never Have To…

Copy and paste container data into excel

Spend hours searching on carrier and terminal websites.

Spend time on responding to customer emails solely for tracking and tracing purposes.

GoFreight, the All-in-one Container Tracking Software You Can Rely On.


Container Tracking in 2021


Data Accuracy


Uptime Guarantee

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Track-Trace Containers with a Modern Solution

Got Your Own Freight Management System Already?

No worries. GoFreight provides the comprehensive API or EDI 315 that supports all kinds of data formats.

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The perfect ocean freight software to manage your containers with ease and gain ocean visibility

Track your containers in one place with better organization and get notified once your containers reach the next milestone to avoid the rising detention and demurrage charges.

GoFreight - container-tracking-system-visibility
GoFreight - container-tracking-system-tracking-portal

Keep your customers happy with the Tracking Portal

More efficient communication with less effort. All information and documents can be accessed by shippers on the Tracking Portal along with auto notifications sent to their inboxes, providing better customer experience and boosting your customer retention rate.

Don’t Worry About Integration With Your Current Ocean Container Tracking System.

GoFreight provides a total solution that includes the FMS + Container Tracking System. A better way to manage shipments with real-time container data

One Container Tracking System to Manage All Your Shipments

Manage exceptions

Avoid the cost of exceptions by identifying and resolving them as soon as they occur.

Receive event alerts

Get customized notifications for rolled cargo, vessel delays, the last free day, and more.

Reduce costs

Automate your workflow and reduce costly human errors.

A freight tracking system saves you time

Eliminate manual operations to focus on providing better customer services.

A Freight Forwarding Software That Benefits Freight Forwarders and Importers/Exporters

Increase container management capacity

Identify exceptions quicker

Reduce detention & demurrage fees

Eliminate manual tasks and human errors

See How GoFreight Has Obtained Reviews Like This.

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Container Tracking System FAQ

GoFreight Tracking allows freight forwarders, importers, and exporters to track the movements of shipments in one place without having to visit different carriers’ websites and update the status elsewhere. Moreover, users will receive automatic notifications once the shipment has reached the next milestone to help them better plan for the upcoming activities.

GoFreight Tracking helps you:

Eliminate repetitive tasks, such as checking carriers’ websites, recording the status, and updating your clients, saving 60% of your time that can be used to deal with other important tasks.

Avoid constantly increasing detention and demurrage charges by providing real-time shipment visibility and sending auto notifications.

Increase customer satisfaction by giving your clients the power to check the latest status updates themselves without having to wait for hours. They can even be notified immediately once their shipments have proceeded to the next stage.

GoFreight Tracking provides a full suite of container tracking solutions with three components.

Container milestone is used as an internal platform for freight forwarders, importers, and exporters to manage and keep track of the shipments so that they can get notified when the shipments reach the next stage and do what has to be done for that specific stage of the process.

Customer Portal provides real-time shipment status for forwarders’ clients, or exporters, to monitor their shipments without having to contact their agents. Furthermore, other relevant information and documents can also be found in the portal.

Raw EDI Data is also provided if software vendors needs access real-time tracking data to display on their in-house systems. To learn more about this, please contact us here.

GoFreight also provides raw data to be integrated with your existing shipment management system. For more information, please contact us here.