Port of Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

As the largest port in Canada and the fourth largest port in North America, the Port of Vancouver is an incredibly busy port that facilitates trade between Canada and over 170 other economies, and connects to ports all across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. The Port of Vancouver hosts 28 ocean and domestic terminals that offer services for multiple business sectors, and 4 of them act as container terminals. The container terminals are Centerm, Deltaport, & DP Fraser Surrey & Vanterm.

Trying to track down your containers that are travelling through the Port of Vancouver can be a hassle, and while you can look up the scheduled movements of container vessels on their official website, it’s much easier to centralize all of your freight operations into one platform. And that’s where GoFreight shines!

GoFreight can help you save time and energy from manually going through several websites in order to track your containers! With our software system, all the data you need is combined into one dashboard, freeing you from manually searching up separate carrier or terminal websites just to find container statuses.

And as the pièce de résistance, in GoFreight’s latest system update, real-time container data for Canadian terminals in the Port of Vancouver (Centerm, Deltaport, & DP Fraser Surrey & Vanterm) are now all available for GoFreight Container Tracking Software users.

GoFreight not only centralizes container statuses from multiple carriers, ports, terminals, and rails, but also auto-updates shipment statuses, meaning you always receive the most accurate shipment data. Our customers have reported that GoFreight has saved them at least 1.5 hours per day, and you can easily do so as well.