10 Best Books on Freight Forwarding To Read In 2021

10 Best Books on Freight Forwarding To Read In 2021

Since the pandemic, the freight forwarding industry has become even more competitive. To stay ahead of the competition and increase profit margins, freight forwarders must stay up to date on the latest technology and best practices.

There are not a lot of freight forwarding books, but we have compiled a list of the 10 best books on freight forwarding so that you don’t have to spend time finding them. 

1. Freight Forwarder Business Startup: How to Start, Run & Grow a Successful Freight Forwarding Business

What you will learn in this book on freight forwarding: 

  • What is a Freight Forwarder
  • What Is Freight Forwarding Business
  • Types of Freight Forwarders
  • Steps To Becoming A Freight Forwarder
  • How to get started
  • How and Where to Get Trained
  • What Courses You Should Take
  • How To Setup Your Business
  • Legal Factors
  • Freight Forwarder Licenses
  • Steps to FMCSA Registration
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Running a Freight Forwarding Business
  • Trading Condition and Limiting Liability
  • How To Promote & Grow Your Business
  • The Elements of Price Quote
  • Links to all forms and applications

2. A Practical guide to Shipping & Freight Forwarding: Your key to success in the shipping industry 

What you will learn in this book on freight forwarding: 

  • What is shipping 
  • What is freight forwarding 
  • Departments and roles in a freight forwarder 
  • Different parties involved in shipping 
  • Different modes of shipping 
  • Different types of shipping 
  • What is Incoterms 
  • The process of shipping 
  • Documentation in shipping 
  • Situations with agents 
  • Situations with shipping lines
  • Situations with cartage 
  • Situations with clients 

3. Freight Forwarding and Multi Modal Transport Contracts (Maritime and Transport Law Library)

What you will learn in this book on freight forwarding: 

  • Freight forwarding technology and practice 
  • Forms of contracts 
  • Freight forwarding conditions 
  • Compulsory legislation 
  • Standard terms of authority conditions 
  • Responsibilities of the forwarder 
  • Liberties of the forwarder 
  • Customer obligations 
  • Rates and declaration 
  • Multimodal transport 
  • Carriage by rail, road, and sea

4. Operational Transportation Planning of Modern Freight Forwarding Companies: Vehicle Routing under Consideration of Subcontracting and Request Exchange

What you will learn in this book on freight forwarding

  • Vehicle routing 
  • Freight consolidation 
  • Operation transportation planning 
  • Solution approaches to planning problems
  • Collaborative transportation planning
  • Route-based request exchange mechanism 
  • Computational study on dynamic collaboration transportation planning

5. Disrupting Logistics: Startups, Technologies, and Investors Building Future Supply Chains

What you will learn in this book on supply chain

  • Digitizing and automating your operation 
  • Logistics pricing transparency 
  • Supply chain visibility and exception management 
  • Rate comparison and marketplace 
  • E-commerce order fulfillment supply chain 
  • Selection of asset tracking solution 
  • Advanced analytics and big data in supply chain planning 
  • SaaS and big data solution 
  • Digital freight forwarders 
  • How freight forwarders are challenged by and respond to digital disruption 

6. Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain

What you will learn in this book 

  • Air cargo 
  • Air cargo history 
  • Airport connections 
  • Cargo handling agents 
  • Road feeder service 
  • Cool logistics 
  • Express and mail 
  • Special air cargos 
  • Cargo security and risks 
  • Innovation and trends in air logistics 
  • Views on the future 
  • Law involving air cargo 

7. Air Cargo Management

What you will learn in this bookAir freight supply chain 

  • Viability of air freight 
  • Brief history 
  • Airport connections 
  • Ground handling
  • Cool logistics 
  • Security 
  • Outsourcing to charter broker 
  • Impact on environment 
  • Technology in air freight 
  • Crime in air logistics 
  • Careers in air freight 

8. Making Money in Forwarding 

What you will learn in this book on freight forwarding

  • The european freight market 
  • Business models 
  • Legal framework
  • Supplier management
  • Controlling costs 
  • Raising prices 
  • Pricing discipline 
  • Load planning and routing 
  • Transit time calculation 
  • Increasing customer retention rate 
  • Forwarding process 
  • Environmental aspects 
  • Winning tenders 
  • Monitor pipeline 

9. Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

What you will learn in this book Supply chain competitive strategy 

  • Delivering customer value 
  • Going to the market 
  • Measuring logistics costs and performance
  • Matching supply and demand 
  • Creating responsive supply chain 
  • Time management
  • Managing global pipeline 
  • Managing risks 
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain
  • Future of the supply chain

10. INCOTERMS 2020: Obligations, Cost & Risks

What you will learn in this book Incoterms rules 

  • What they are used for 
  • Multimodal incoterms 
  • Maritime incoterms 

Supplement what you have learned from freight forwarding books with freight forwarding software 

Maybe you have learned the best practices for freight forwarding and you should understand that your operation efficiency won’t be maximized without the aid of technology such as freight forwarding software. In this digital era, those who resist to adopt new freight forwarding technologies will face greater challenges in increasing their freight forwarding profit margins. If you are interested in learning how an all-in-one freight forwarding software such as GoFreight can help your business specifically, please schedule a free demo with us. 

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