Top 10 Freight Forwarding Industry News Websites To Follow in 2021

Top 10 Freight Forwarding Industry News Websites To Follow in 2021

The pandemic has accelerated years of digital transformation in a matter of months, and it’s far from over. Where can you get the most up-to-date information on freight forwarding trends, technology, and insights? Constantly visiting websites where the most recent information is published will assist your organization in implementing best practices and new advanced technology before your competitors – and keeping you from falling behind.

To save you time looking for the best freight forwarding news sources, we’ve produced a list of the top ten freight forwarding news sites for you to consider:

1. FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the world’s top provider of freight market predictions, statistics, news, and analysis. FreightWaves is used by logistics and supply chain organizations for benchmarking, analytics, monitoring, quote forecasting, and many more. Through SONAR, a subscription SaaS platform, and the world’s largest streaming media network focused on logistics and supply chain intelligence, the company provides the most recent data and industry insights.

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2. FORWARDER Magazine 

One of the industry’s most trusted sources for logistics, shipping, and freight forwarding news, information, and analysis. Are you shipping containers to China? Thinking about putting in a warehouse security system? Are you weighing supply chain or transportation management systems? FORWARDER magazine delivers you everything you need to prosper in the freight business, from expert perspectives to trade-lane-specific expertise.

3. GoFreight Freight Snap 

Even though GoFreight is best known for its freight forwarding software, it also provides high quality freight forwarding related news for free. Every business day, three freight snaps will be released, keeping you up to date on the most recent information and insights in just a few minutes.  

4. Aircargo News 

With a global readership of over 50,000, Air Cargo News is the world’s leading air freight publication.

5. Lloyd’s Loading List 

Lloyd’s Loading List is a multimodal freight community with an international network of journalists where you can obtain all the latest news and insights from across the world.

6. JOC

JOC Group Inc. is one of the leading sources of business intelligence, data, and events for the global container shipping and logistics market. It provides in-depth coverage of freight forwarders, including the most recent quarterly earnings mergers and acquisitions, as well as news about new technology that forwarders can use to increase productivity and reduce cost in the global trade community. 

7. Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive is a well known publication that offers in-depth journalism and analysis of the most important news and trends affecting supply chain management. Logistics, freight, operations, procurement, regulation, technology, and other topics are covered in the newsletters and on the website.

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8. Logistics Management 

Since 1962, the Logistics Management journal has been published on a regular basis. It is now one of the publications that reaches the most logistics and supply chain specialists, delivering high-quality information and insights on all types of transportation, as well as software solutions.

9. Supply Chain 24/7

Supply Chain 24/7, as one of the most trusted and relevant content providers in the supply chain industry, brings together all of the most recent news and industry insights from its famous multi-media publications, Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management Review.

10. Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager is a monthly publication for supply chain managers in the world’s largest industrial, retail, and commercial companies. It focuses on the fundamental skills needed for modern logistics and freight management. The latest industry insights, information, and trends are all covered.

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How to increase your competitive advantage?

What more can you do to obtain a competitive edge in the freight forwarding sector besides being up to date on the newest freight forwarding news? If you’ve been keeping up with the latest freight forwarding news, you’ll know that the use of freight forwarding software has become unavoidable in this digital age.

Freight forwarding software offers numerous advantages, including higher productivity, lower costs, operation automation, and many others. Not taking advantage of the freight forwarding technology available will only hinder your business’s growth. 

If you want to learn more about how GoFreight’s all-in-one freight forwarding software can help you, feel free to schedule a free demo with our GoFreight professionals.

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