Top 7 Freight Forwarding Seminars For Air and Ocean Freight

Top 7 Freight Forwarding Seminars For Air and Ocean Freight

Learning is a career-long process for every freight forwarder. In a complex and fast-paced industry like logistics, it’s even more essential that you keep your knowledge up-to-date — for the sake of your business growth and success. 

Freight forwarding seminars offer great opportunities for attendees to hear from people at the forefront of the changes on the horizon. It’s not a common chance to be able to ask direct questions about operation automation, supply chain management and optimization, impact of tariffs, importance of real-time tracking, or the use of A.I in freight forwarding. 

Joining a high quality air & ocean freight seminar gives you an instant advantage as you apply the knowledge learned to your freight forwarding business. 

We have compiled a list of the best air & ocean freight seminars in 2021

Ocean Freight Seminars:

1. The Logistics Academy: SeaFreight 101 


This one-day ocean freight seminar will equip freight forwarders with comprehensive insights on sea freight forwarding operations. The freight forwarding seminar aims to provide good understanding on procedures for handling import/export shipments, necessary documents, ship types, concept of containerization, shipping consortium, and many more. 

Furthermore, you will learn the importance of KPIs and SOPs in sea freight forwarding operations to improve productivity and profitability. Lastly, this freight forwarding seminar will provide an update on the latest developments in the global maritime industry. 

Designed For: 

The freight forwarding seminar is specially designed for current sea freight forwarders and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry. 


A certificate of attendance will be awarded upon completion of this sea freight seminar with 75% attendance.

2. Maritime and Logistics Workshop:  

This sea freight seminar is geared towards all levels of freight forwarders who are looking to gain an overall view of the maritime industry. It is also a good refresher sea freight seminar for middle and senior management. The freight forwarding seminar will feature guest speakers who are experts in the maritime industry. 


  • Trends and Roles in International Logistics
  • Key Global & Regional Freight Forwarders
  • Ocean Freight Forwarder, NVOCC Operations and Domestic Transportation
  • Air Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Brokers 
  • Warehousing                                             
  • Cargo Vessel and Port Operations
  • Maritime Regulatory Updates
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Trade Security (CBP & TSA)
  • Export & Import Trade Compliance (CBP & BIS)
  • Exporter & Importer (Incoterms, Insurance)

Air Freight Seminar:

3. Cranfield University: Air Transport Management Seminar 

This air freight seminar provides general yet detailed insights of operational, managerial, economic, and regulatory issues in the air freight industry. 


  • Gain in-depth understanding overview of the air freight industry 
  • Contemporary air freight forwarding challenges 
  • Strategy and decision making 
  • Impacts of Covid-19 and possible recovery paths

Seminars That Cover Both Air & Ocean:

4. International Business Training: International Logistics Seminar 

This freight forwarding seminar is the perfect overview of the transportation process for air and ocean. You will learn the steps to move your containers and products affordably and securely within budget. 

Some of the things that you will also learn in this air & ocean freight seminar include: 

  • Choosing the most appropriate incoterm for your preferred method of transport 
  • Negotiating with ocean/air carriers for your shipments 
  • Protect your freight forwarding business by choosing the right insurance 
  • Understand the latest government security initiatives and regulations 


  • International Logistics Partners
  • Securing Your International Supply Chain 
  • Ocean Bill of Lading 
  • Ocean Transportation 
  • Air Waybills of Lading 
  • Air Freight Transportation 
  • Insurance 
  • International Supply Chain Documentation 

All attendees will be given a copy of the Managing Forwarders, Brokers & Carriers reference book.

5. Glomacs: International Freight Management 

The Glomac air & ocean freight seminar will enable delegates to learn how to manage international freight shipping systems and documents effectively. Examples of global best practices are delivered throughout the course of the freight forwarding seminar. This will allow you to better comprehend knowledge learned so that you can apply these practices to your own business. 


  • Understand when to use appropriately use each incoterms 
  • Understand international logistics / air & ocean freight procedure 
  • Understand supply chain risks involved in global trade 
  • Develop optimized freight forwarding workflow 
  • Develop action plans to accelerate your career growth 


  • Logistics Planning & Management 
  • International Trade, Freight Forwarding Planning 
  • Orientation on Using & Dealing Import 
  • International Trade Contracts and Systems of Import and Export 
  • Supply Chain Risk 
  • Reducing Supply Chain Risks 


On successful completion, you will be awarded the GLOMACS Certificate.

6. BusinessCoach, Inc: Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport 

This freight forwarding seminar provides you with basic information about the freight forwarding industry. The topics covered include key terminologies, role of air/sea freight forwarders, standard rules and regulations, and overall shipping process.


  • Enable you to become familiar with the key concepts of freight forwarding
  • Gain specific knowledge based on the services you intend to provide
  • Facilitate you to learn about the rules and regulations 


  • General Information 
  • Airfreight Forwarding 
  • Seafreight Forwarding

7. IVS Training: Introduction to Freight Forwarding Online and Webinar Training 

This freight forwarding seminar covers all aspects of the process involved in moving air & ocean freight around the globe. You will learn what is required, what documents are needed, where to get them from, and what to expect. You will also learn how to manage risks and save costs. 

The seminar is hosted online which is a great option for you or your team to work remotely. You will be able to ask their trainers questions and interact as you would in a normal offline freight forwarding seminar. 

Why not complement what you have learned in seminars with technology to maximize your competitive advantage?

It may be quite obvious that business digitalization is the current trend in the freight forwarding industry. Without adopting new technologies, even if you have become extremely experienced in what you do, it is really hard to gain a competitive edge in this digital era. 

This is why many freight forwarders are starting to implement and update freight forwarding software to help them to eliminate inefficiencies. The ultimate goal of freight forwarding software is to help freight forwarding businesses automate workflow, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and expand business growth. 

GoFreight is a leading cloud-based freight forwarding software that gives your team a full suite of solutions to excel in the digital era. Everything you need for air or ocean freight forwarding is covered. You will be able to save costs on multiple software integrations by streamlining all your logistics operations in a single freight forwarding software. If you are looking to accelerate your business growth, you can schedule a demo here to learn more about how GoFreight can help you. 

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