Here’s How to Know the Software You Are Using Is Bad for Your Business

Here’s How to Know the Software You Are Using Is Bad for Your Business

The idea of freight forwarders using technology is not new. Although it is true to an extent, the shipping industry’s resistance to automation and technology is probably criticized too much. But there are actually a lot of applications in use by both shippers and service providers. The problem is most of them fall short of fulfilling the needs of their users.

There can be several signs that companies do not have the best technology for their needs early on.

If you have had any of these problems with your current freight management platform, it could be time for you to consider some alternatives before things get worse.

If you are a freight forwarder using technology, ask yourself these questions.

Is the system hard to use?

If your operation and customers have not experienced the expected benefits from the system, or your employees are constantly struggling to use it, there are likely issues with the user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design. Modern applications should be intuitive for users, and that starts with a well-designed UI/ UX. Furthermore, good technology attracts good people. Young and talented employees prefer modern software and are frustrated by old, outdated technology.

Was the onboarding experience poor from the outset?

How successful a new technology is in the long-term starts with a well-executed onboarding and implementation. Freight management software onboarding done with a poor understanding of your specific needs or without a plan will always lead to bad results.

Training should always occur immediately within one week of onboarding, and be given by logistics experts who are incentivized to ensure your long-term success. And you should not have to rely on high-cost consultants afterwards. In other words, requiring additional paid assistance is a big red flag, even though some well-known applications need it. 

Are you lacking customer support or paying too much for ongoing training?

Things change, and problems happen. A common point of frustration for forwarders is that they do not receive the support they need, especially when they run into business-critical problems once the software is in use. Plus, any modern freight management system should be regularly updated to keep it operating well and offer new features. Lastly, training new employees to use the software should be an easy task. You should not have to pay for continued training sessions. 

If you answered yes to multiple questions, it could be time for you to switch to a new software.

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