Is it Time for You to Try Out a Different Software?

Is it Time for You to Try Out a Different Software?

There can be many reasons a forwarder has ended up with technology that doesn’t meet their needs. I offered a few signs you can look for to know if you’ve started down the path with the wrong platform in my last post: Here’s How to Know the Software You Are Using Is Bad for Your Business. But how can you tell that your company has settled for a subpar software that does not provide you with everything you need? 

If you have been using the same logistics technology for some time, you may want to ask yourself these following questions.

Has there been no tangible improvement?

Any investment in technology needs to drive improvements and show results. Those expectations should be clear and documented from the beginning. Failure to show improvements over time, especially after several years, is a sign that you are a freight forwarder with the wrong technology.

In addition, And technology should not be all about promises and functionality that provide no real value. Software that works offers practical features that really help with daily operations. For example, better aging reports that help to minimize risks and eliminate bad debts, or better UI/UX design that saves time and mitigates human errors on invoices are not splashy features — they provide real value. After all, anything that can prevent delivery problems or mitigate costs like demurrage fees help to justify the expense.

Did you feel like you settled for the system you have?

Even just a few years ago, it was common for one platform to try to do everything freight forwarders need. There was no other choice, and the result for forwarders was a lot of mediocre solutions. None of them did anything great. Today, data interoperability and the concept of a tech-stack are how progressive companies build the solutions that work best for them.

Knowing your technology is not good enough, and doing something about it is easier said than done. If you have had any of these problems with your current freight management platform, it’s time for you to take a fresh look at modern freight forwarding solutions available for companies like yours. 

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