Why a Modern SaaS Is Necessary For Any Freight Forwarder to Grow

Why a Modern SaaS Is Necessary For Any Freight Forwarder to Grow

When a freight forwarder opens offices in new locations and countries, it can be a good sign that business is going well. But, sometimes, less is more when it comes to how many offices a forwarder operates.

A good example of this is when a company consolidates job functions (and sometimes office locations) to drive more operating efficiency and gain other benefits. This is because having employees performing the same tasks in multiple locations doesn’t make sense when it can be avoided. But, the ability to share data and the level of communication it takes to centralize operations can be complicated and is not possible with many of the legacy freight management systems that forwarders currently use.

The solution, not surprisingly, is through the better use of technology that connects employees, job functions, and centralizes data.

It takes a modern, SaaS freight management platform to enable companies to operate in more efficient ways across offices.

The opportunities that open up for many global forwarders with such a tool can include centralizing time-consuming back-office processes and more efficient and organized document management. And, with hiring more difficult than ever these days, finding skilled employees is a common challenge for companies. Proper technology that seamlessly connects a forwarder’s entire operation makes it possible to find the right people anywhere in the world to do the work that’s needed.

At the same time, a modern SaaS freight management tool is not just about finding ways to eliminate offices. Whether it involves two, or two hundred locations, a forwarder can’t grow when it lacks processes and technology that maintain consistent ways of operating across all of them. Developing standards and procedures for training becomes easier when there is consistency with systems as well.

Entering a new market by opening a sales office is another example of when an additional physical location is almost always necessary. Here too, a company-wide platform is a requirement to make growth possible.

As a software built for freight forwarders and NVOCCs, GoFreight will do anything to help businesses become more efficient and grow exponentially.

Whether the goal is centralizing specific operations or scaling the overall business, the SaaS model is the modern way forwarders can ensure success.

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