Top 10! World’s Largest Ports Ranking 2020 vs. 2017

Top 10! World’s Largest Ports Ranking 2020 vs. 2017

Followed by our popular infographic of the Biggest 9 Carriers, GoFreight now releases the infographic of Top 10 Largest Ports Ranking in 2020 compared to 2017. 

According to the data from World Shipping Council, Shanghai has dominated the top since 2017, while Singapore chases after it. Overall, the top 10 handle over 254 million TEU in 2020, increasing the total capacity by ~10% compared to 2017.

The most remarkable increasing capacity takes place in the port of Ningbo when looking at 2020 vs. 2017.  The port has escalated to top 3 by increasing 4.1 million TEU, from 24.61 million TEU to 28.72 million TEU. While Hong Kong falls down to the eighth place from the fifth place with a decreasing volume of ~0.7 million TEU.

Besides, you may find that the majority of top 10 ports are located in Asia, most of which are Chinese ports. The only non-Asia port is Rotterdam in The Netherlands with the capacity of 14.4 million TEU in 2020.

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