You missed out… Container Stocks Breach 52-week High

You missed out… Container Stocks Breach 52-week High

With even mainstream media focusing on the global supply chain with its congested ports, record shipping costs, and covid-shutdowns, it’s nice to take a step back and have some positive news for a change. Here’s what’s up, container stocks breach 52-weeks high, pretty obvious from the title right? But here’s why. 

Container stocks have done spectacularly well this past year. Main reason is that many shipper’s effective transport capacity has been cut down, leaving many shaking in tears from lost profits. With freight and charter rates still at unseemingly high levels and the perpetual congestion, this vicious cycle is really hurting all shippers. So it’s no wonder more containers are being leased out or bought out while the Chinese factories still can’t keep up with demand. 

Here are the biggest beneficiaries from the container boom: 

  • DAC (NYSE: DAC) +1,508.27%
  • Euroseas (NASDAQ: ESEA) +1,283.93%
  • ZIM (NYSE: ZIM) +410.35%
  • Global Ship Lease (NYSE: GSL) +335.36%
  • Costamare (NYSE: CMRE) +195.22%
  • Matson (NYSE: MATX) +119.04%
(Chart: Koyfin)


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