Earn More, With More by Joining The Best Freight Forwarder Networks

Earn More, With More by Joining The Best Freight Forwarder Networks

Every freight forwarder knows the difficulty for independent SME (small to medium enterprises) to survive in this hyper-competitive industry. Thus, the freight forwarder network is a common concept among SME forwarders. Joining a freight forwarding network allows forwarders to compete with bigger international players by combining smaller freight forwarders’ expertise and knowledge as local operators.

But out of hundreds of freight forwarding groups, how do you identify which one is the best freight forwarder group for you, and how can joining that freight forwarder network benefit you and your business?

Why Do You Need to Join the Best Freight Forwarder Network?

The three main reasons you should join a freight forwarder network are because of the benefits: Community, Shared Service, and External Partner. Freight forwarder network is just like a big logistics team. Because of the advantages of economies of scale, network owners can ask for lower transfers and risks from international banks, lower rates from carriers and insurers, or get special deals from software companies. Also, a freight forwarder network with global recognition can bring you more business by routed cargo, freehands, and sales leads, and a bid for larger contracts.

In order not to have overlapping issues, freight forwarder networks usually have exclusive and clear definitions of territories. With other member requirements, you should spend the effort to find the best freight forwarder networks that fit your main objectives.

How to Pick the Best Freight Forwarder Network?

First, before taking any freight forwarder group into consideration, you should first know that the best and most suitable freight forwarding network is one that has a vision aligned with your company’s goals. Ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in a freight forwarding network and how a freight forwarding network can help you achieve your company’s goal.

For example, if you wish to get some suggestions from better professionals, then you can find a freight forwarder network with a consultant. Or if you want to be more international, networks with a solid global influence and memberships may be helpful.

Best Freight Forwarder Network

The next step to choosing the best freight forwarder group is to analyze all the options in the market and pick one, or more if it’s necessary. It is essential to choose one that will help you achieve your goals. To gather more information, you can try to reach out to their current members or their sales team to get more information about membership fees, organization size, etc. Another tip, if you want to join more than one freight forwarder group, identify their functions and choose those with different functions because they can benefit you in different ways.

Our Take on the Best Freight Forwarder Networks

Trying to figure out which one out of the hundreds of freight forwarder networks is the best for you is no easy task, if you’re trying to find a starting point in looking for the best freight forwarder networks to join, consider joining the networks we think are the best below:

  • WCAworld

Founded in 1998 and now with more than 9,500 members spanning 194 countries around the world, WCAworld is one of, if not, the largest freight forwarding network in the globe. WCAworld has specialized networks to cater to your needs be it eCommerce, Perishables, Pharmaceuticals, or others.


  • Industry-specific subnetworks
  • Fee-less transactions within the network
  • Training programs
  • Marketing and promotion assistance

Learn more about WCAworld

  • JCTrans Logistics Network

Since its inception in 2003, JCTrans has been a logistics network that relies on eCommerce and online platforms in order to provide global networking services. JCtrans aims to build a centralized, safe, and fast logistics transaction and settlement platform, on which traders can seek freight forwarders to expand procurement channels and freight forwarders offer logistics solution services to global partners to build long-term cooperation relationships.


  • Marketing and promotion assistance
  • Specialty alliances
  • Business opportunity matching
  • Inhouse payment platform

Learn more about JCTrans Logistics Network

  • Pangea Logistics Network

Established in 2010, though Pangea is one of the newer networks in this list Pangea has already established a global presence and currently has more than 180 members present in 95 countries and has 400 offices around the globe. Pangea is an exclusive network and limits its memberships per area.


  • Discounts for each shipment made within the network
  • Marketing and promotion assistance
  • IT-supported networking tools

Learn more about Pangea Logistics Network

  • Global Logistics Network (GLN)

Founded in 2003, Global Logistics Network is an umbrella organization that covers 536 offices in 310 cities and encompasses leading independently owned and operated companies worldwide that specialize in the logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries, and associated companies – all working together in a network environment. Membership is limited to 3 in any port or location.


  • Online sales lead system
  • Non-exclusivity
  • In-network transaction monitoring
  • Global Branding Initiatives

Learn more about Global Logistics Network

  • Atlas Logistic Network

A long-standing network that consists of independent freight forwarders, NVOCCs / OTIs, and related service providers. Starting from 1988, Atlas Logistics Network adheres to its own quality-oriented philosophy. Only members who pass certain criteria are allowed to join the network to ensure the quality of the network.


  • Insolvency and payment monitoring
  • MoT and FMC-registered Atlas Line NVOCC House Bills of Lading
  • Business development
  • Fee-less transactions within the network

Learn more about Atlas Logistics Network

Aside from the listed benefits above, almost every freight forwarder network has a financial protection program of varying degrees, member directories where your company will be listed, 1:1 meetings, and annual conferences which can help you meet with other members, find new opportunities, and discuss future trends and current issues. Furthermore, most freight forwarder networks use different kinds of software such as WhatsApp groups to keep in touch and receive the latest news or find agents as soon as possible.

Take note that this list is not sorted according to the ranking of any kind and is not an exhaustive list of the best freight forwarder networks in the world as there might be other networks that fit your company’s goals better. The best freight forwarder network for you is one that meets your needs and has it in the network’s greatest interest to help you achieve your goals.

Other Things SME Freight Forwarders Can Do to Get More Profit

Other than joining a freight forwarder network, what else can SMEs do to survive in this competitive industry? The answer is to become a digital freight forwarder!  

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