Guiding You Through Freight Forwarding Software with the Current Logtech Landscape

Guiding You Through Freight Forwarding Software with the Current Logtech Landscape

Technology is now deeply integrated in every aspect of the supply chain and logistics industry, heightening customer expectations in both consumer and industrial markets, and raising demands placed on logistics service providers. 

Additionally, venture capital funding has fueled hundreds of logistics technology startups, accelerating the pace of logistics technology innovation. With all these new logistics technology trends, new software, and new information, it could be extremely challenging to choose the most suitable technology solution for your business. 

For instance, freight forwarders may find it difficult to decide which area to invest in, which specific solution to use to track their containers, and whether to change their current system and workflow. 

Today, while it is easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of available tech solutions, Logtech Map has focused on the most influential logistics tech solution vendors, providing a comprehensive landscape in logistics technology. 

The logistics industry is very broad with many different functions, but with so many start-ups and scale-ups in each category, it shows that the logistics tech ecosystem has become well-rounded and the industry is rapidly expanding with full of opportunities. 

Today, from the Logtech landscape, we will only be looking at the freight forwarding software category specifically, and GoFreight is pleased to be mentioned alongside 21 other vendors.

However, 21 vendors is still not a small number, and choosing one vendor from the total may be difficult. It would also be implausible to test each vendor’s software one by one as it would be both time-consuming and inefficient. So, how do you decide which system software to use? 

Before delving into the specific features and benefits that each vendor’s software provides, you should first carefully examine the existing reviews on reputable freight forwarding software comparison websites (G2, Capterra, etc.). 

To save your time from finding and reading reviews, we conducted a sentiment analysis on some major players in the freight forwarding software category, and some noteworthy findings are summarized below.

The scale is based on a 100-point scale, with a higher number representing a more positive sentiment supported by customer reviews. When comparing freight forwarding software, GoFreight outperforms all of the listed freight forwarding software vendors.

GoFreight’s Sentiment Analysis Key Theme Review

Summary Findings 

Ease Of Use (76 Score): Customers are very complementary around the ability to streamline the access to data anywhere and anytime with a streamline and simple setup process– with many referencing the speed in which they access the cloud-based platform as a huge value add. 

Product Functionality (68 Score): Customers love the GoFreight product suite! It is clear that customers feel more efficient and equipped to handle not only their elevated volumes but also support a wide range of features to ensure organization, reporting, and real-time tracking! 

Invoicing & Payments (58 Score): The automation and ease in which payments, invoices, billing and load management can be handled are consistently cited, while some customers noted that the ability to filter and request backups would be useful.

Customer Support (53 Score): Customers love the GoFreight team! It is clear that the customer support / success organization is a key center of delight for customers (and shout-out to the support staff who were praised a lot!) 

Tracking Visibility (48 Score): Customers cited consistent delight for the ability to track containers and cargo in real-time. However, some customers are critical of the inability to track customs clearance status and the lack of e-commerce support features. 

User Interface (28 Score): Most customers cite how clean, intuitive and great the platform is to navigate. Some customers have reported that bugs tend to be most common and frustrating immediately post system updates.

GoFreight is Confident in Meeting Your Freight Forwarding Business Needs 

We are grateful to be included in the 2022 Logtech landscape, and we thank all of our customers for their continued support and positive feedback. GoFreight has established a presence in the logistics industry and offers one of the most superior solutions compared to other freight forwarding software vendors. If you are looking for a freight forwarding software for your business, feel free to contact us for a quick demo walkthrough. 

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