How Real-Time Container Tracking is a Life-Enhancing Technology For Freight Forwarders

How Real-Time Container Tracking is a Life-Enhancing Technology For Freight Forwarders

It’s late at night, 11 p.m., and your customers have inquired about the status of their container shipment. You feel helpless because you will need to wait till the next morning to call your carrier partner. On another day, you notice you’ve been leaving the container at port for several days, yet you end up paying extra detention and demurrage fees due to the inaccurate shipment tracking status.

These are just a few of the common challenges that freight forwarders face when it comes to container shipment tracking, but they all revolve around one central demand: real-time shipment visibility.

What is real-time container tracking? 

Real-time container tracking allows freight forwarders and their customers to access the most up-to-date shipment status information at any time and from any location. However, despite the fact that real-time container tracking can provide numerous benefits to your freight forwarding business, the technology has yet to gain widespread adoption.  

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Benefits of Real-Time Container Tracking 

Reduce Detention & Demurrage Fees 

Oftentimes, your shipments have arrived at the port, but the shipment status shows that it is still on the way. The shipment’s extra days at the port will result in greater detention & demurrage fees. If you could know exactly when the shipment has arrived, you would be able to take immediate actions to lower and prevent these penalties. 

Eliminate Manual Process 

With the integration of electronic data interchange (EDI), you no longer need to spend time manually checking different carrier websites for shipment status updates. You will be able to centralize all your container information in one place and receive notifications whenever the shipment status has been updated. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Communication Efficiency

You will save immense time if your customers have access to real-time shipment status information because they will be able to view the status of their shipments on their own. You no longer need to waste valuable time communicating with customers on the phone or replying to their emails. On the customer side, customers will never be frustrated again for trying to get shipment updates. 

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Real-Time Container Tracking System 

In order to gain the ability to track containers in real-time, you will need to implement a container tracking system solution. With 99% coverage on terminal, port, and carrier EDI, GoFreight’s container tracking system not only tracks shipments in real-time, but also with the greatest accuracy. If you want to learn more about how GoFreight can help you with your container shipment operations, feel free to schedule a demo with us

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