How a Powerful Invoicing Function in Your Freight Forwarding Software Helps Your Business

How a Powerful Invoicing Function in Your Freight Forwarding Software Helps Your Business

How a Powerful Invoicing Function in Your Freight Forwarding Software Helps Your Business

For a freight forwarding business, professional and robust invoicing software can help keep your cash on track and GoFreight’s integrated invoicing software is no exception. Not only does our automated invoicing system help you get paid up to ten days sooner, but it also allows you to impress your customers with branded invoices! While some companies offer branded invoices for an additional fee, GoFreight’s freight forwarding software has you covered at no additional charge. We know that it’s sometimes the little things, such as creating branded invoices, that can help your business look better in the eyes of your customers.

Why Do You Need a Powerful Invoicing Function in Your Freight Forwarding Software?

An Auto-Generated Invoice To Help Send a Perfect Sales Message:

An invoicing function is the easiest, most convenient, and fastest way to bring in revenue from your work. Without good invoicing software, it may take hours or even days to create a perfect sales message. Taking too long to create a professional and branded invoice may lose you a potential customer. GoFreight’s invoicing function makes it easier for you to manage your daily transactions, especially when charging customers. The faster you get your bill, the quicker you get paid. Making this process seamless and effortless allows you more time to focus on other essential tasks.

Enable Your Customers To Pay You Quickly Without Worrying About Thousands in “Processing Fees”

With good invoicing software, like GoFreight with the GoFreight Pay function enabled, you can get cash into your bank account much earlier than with the typical invoicing software. With GoFreight Pay, you don’t have to worry about paying thousands in processing fees to various banks, collection agencies, and credit card companies. With GoFreight Pay, you enable your customers to pay quickly with just a few clicks.

Customize Your Invoices To Suit Specific Customers

A robust invoicing function lets you preview and edit any details before sending them to customers. With a centralized document center and an integrated PDF editor, you can store all your documents within the GoFreight system in a secured AWS Amazon Cloud server. At the same time, you can customize invoices to suit a specific customer.

Ways a Powerful Invoicing Software Can Help You

Now that you have some background of the functions of a robust invoicing module, here are ways that it can help your business gain profitability from day 1:

1. You Can Implement a Paperless System

Nowadays, using paper for your freight forwarding operations, especially invoicing, is cumbersome. With so much going on in your freight forwarding operations, getting rid of paper provides the opportunity to streamline almost every aspect of your operation. With a PDF editor in your invoicing module, you can make corrections or edits if required. Moreover, when stored in a secure cloud, such as those backed by AWS Amazon Cloud Services, paperwork is secured from eavesdropping and cannot get lost.

2. You Can Issue Invoices Wherever You Are

A primary advantage of a cloud-based system is that you can access it anywhere. Wherever you are in the world, you can watch over your organization and its operations, including invoicing. You don’t have to bring your sales staff with you. With the invoicing module seamlessly integrated with your system, you can coordinate everything as long as you have internet.

3. A Robust Invoicing Software Allows You To Multi-Task

Aside from issuing invoices, there are many factors to consider before you can set the price for your services. With GoFreight’s invoicing function in sync with its accounting function, specifically designed for freight forwarders, everything is interlinked with all factors considered, with an invoice generated automatically. This way, you save time cross-checking all the factors that need to be added up to arrive at the right price to present to your potential customers while assuring that each transaction can be profitable for you.

4. Receive Payments on Time

Speed of payment is an essential item every business should consider. The faster and more straightforward you can issue invoices, the faster you get paid for your work. However, with GoFreight, it doesn’t stop there. By enabling the GoFreight Pay function, you can also allow your customer to pay you quickly with just a few clicks. Aside from the ease you provide our customers during the payment process, GoFreight Pay allows you to see who has or hasn’t paid right away by providing you with real-time payment statuses. When it comes to company cash flow, receiving payment within a day instead of fifteen days can make a huge difference. Your accountant and finance manager will surely love how quickly your financials normalize with this excellent invoicing system.

5. Impress Your Customers With Improved Communication

Having a robust invoicing module is one way that you can communicate properly with customers. As soon as they send you inquiries, it matters greatly if you can reply immediately with a professionally-crafted invoice. Moreover, all customer data are stored in a centralized data center, allowing you to present reports if your customer asks.

6. It Tracks Your Cash Through Your Business

Integration with your accounting module allows you to track every aspect of your financials, especially the cash flowing in. Because everything is synced, an invoicing system supplies data for your reports, providing insights into your business’s health, including details about the profitability of your relationship with a particular customer. Having financial data provided to you quickly can allow you to make adjustments and timely business decisions.

7. The Invoicing Function of Your Freight Forwarding Software Is Essential in Automating and Streamlining Your Operation

GoFreight’s freight forwarding software, with its robust invoicing function, is a modern solution allowing you to easily manage multiple business processes. A robust invoicing function helps your sales team take on more responsibilities and customers without adding staff. Moreover, its seamless integration into your accounting system cuts the time in listing and adding information when checking your financial data, allowing you to watch over the health of your business in real time. Moreover, because of its ease of use, you can train your staff to use it, whether new hires or seasoned employees.

Conclusion: GoFreight’s Invoicing Function Can Make Your Freight Forwarding Business Successful Through Maximizing Your Operation’s Efficiency

GoFreight’s freight forwarding solutions aren’t just about creating branded invoices. As a web-based software backed by AWS Amazon Cloud Services, you have a secure and robust design, enabling you to create invoices and communicate with customers anywhere in the world. All the modules in GoFreight’s freight forwarding software are synced to ensure that all your financials are interlinked. While you input details into your customer’s billing information, all details are accounted for, and an invoice is generated automatically for exporting and sending directly through the system. Best of all, GoFreight’s freight forwarding solution is easy to use, allowing you to train employees, whether new to the business, or seasoned employees, to use the software immediately. To learn more about how GoFreight’s powerful invoicing function can help your business now, or to learn how GoFreight can boost the profitability of your freight forwarding business, get a personalized demo now!

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