How To Impress Your Customers Through Your Freight Logistics Software

How To Impress Your Customers Through Your Freight Logistics Software

How To Impress Your Customers Through Your Freight Logistics Software

Excellent customer service is one of the most critical aspects freight forwarders need to emphasize if they aspire for profitability and growth. Good customer service means showing respect and value to customers. A freight forwarder who values good customer service must meet their needs and demands and be willing to answer relevant questions and reply to queries as soon as possible. Excellent customer service creates an openness that shows that your business is ready to adapt and adjust to meet your customers’ demands. In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is essential. Your customers are businesses that operate with their own tight schedules. As a freight forwarder, showing that you respect your customer’s time and schedules highlights how your business is empathetic and considerate of your customer’s situations. What customers are looking for in a freight forwarder is an active partner in the growth of their business rather than a company interested only in monetary gains. With GoFreight’s freight logistics software, you can impress your customers by delivering excellent customer service.

How GoFreight’s Freight Logistics Software Provides Excellent Customer Service

Trust is essential to all relationships. Communication is critical in building that trust. That means that GoFreight’s freight logistics software is vital to building customer trust. With all the essential information easily available to you and your customers, GoFreight’s freight logistics software can perfectly customize your freight management solutions to meet your and your customer’s demands. Here is how GoFreight’s freight forwarding software does this for your business:

1. GoFreight’s Freight Logistics Software Facilitates Seamless Communication With Your Customers

Communication is key to staying on top of every development and movement. Thereby, constant customer updates on their logistics experience are essential. Providing a customer portal creates a constant connection with your business. It enables constant communication on shipment status without the need to ever pick up the phone or send an email. Providing prompt information, such as delays or schedule changes, may seem negative, but updating your customers empowers them to accommodate such issues. Whether dealing with inbound or outbound logistics, a customer portal provides top-notch communication, generating more trust in your business.

2. GoFreight’s Freight Management Software Enables Speed and Timely Action

Real-time Shipment Tracking:

Container and Purchase Order-Level Visibility:

GoFreight provides an all-in-one freight management solution that connects every essential operation of your business in an easy-to-use package. To maintain the trust of your customers, you need to ensure that you pay attention to all aspects of your business. With freight, financial, and document traffic constantly happening worldwide, you must keep watch on an overwhelming number of moving parts. That is why your freight management software needs to send alerts to the appropriate personnel to alert you of specific events that need their attention. Moreover, the ease with which you can navigate through the software makes it easier for your employees to execute their tasks quickly, accurately, and effectively, saving them time in responding to emergencies should those situations arise. A customer portal also boosts customer experience by providing container and purchase order-level visibility. Moreover, you can save both your and your customer’s time on communication by syncing certain functions, such as providing real-time shipment tracking data.

3. Well-Trained Employees and Staff Are Essential to Excellent Customer Service

An essential element of the freight forwarding industry is the employees and staff who keep things running smoothly. Though distribution centers, trucks, and warehouses are crucial, an excellent freight forwarder has well-trained staff at every level that can help improve customer service by executing their duties effectively. With constantly updated employees using the latest technology and excellent situational awareness, you have a solid team that can help you provide the best service to your customers. With freight forwarding software that integrates every aspect of your operations in an easy-to-use automated workflow package, you can achieve quick turnaround times for new hires and enable your employees to master the system quickly.

4. GoFreight Optimizes Customer Touch Points With Its Customer Portal

Too many employees communicating with customers may result in more harm than good. Though your employees have the best intentions, it is essential to organize data to ensure that your customers are better aware of the situation. By limiting the touch points of communication between you and your customers through an excellent customer portal, you can give your customers peace of mind by providing only the essential information needed about their shipments. Moreover, it will be easier for your employee assigned to customer service to provide all the required information, thereby avoiding confusion on the part of your customers.

5. GoFreight’s Freight Forwarding Software Has a Robust Invoicing and Quotation Function

GoFreight’s freight forwarding software streamlines your operations by facilitating the flawless interconnectivity of all its essential functions, such as powerful invoicing and quotation modules. The interconnectivity allows for accurate auto-generated invoices to be generated quickly for exporting or sending directly through the GoFreight system. Moreover, a PDF editor is integrated into the software, enabling you to edit any details on your invoices before sending them to your customers. With accurate and timely invoices sent, you won’t keep your customers guessing how much they will be charged for your services.

A robust quotation system helps your business enhance the quotation workflow to save time and allows customization depending on the customer. A trouble-free and streamlined invoicing and billing system can enable you to get cash into your bank account up to ten days earlier.

Another way to streamline your invoicing and billing system is through the GoFreight Pay function. This payment method allows customers to make payments with just a few clicks. Because GoFreight’s software is a secure cloud-based system, the GoFreight Pay system will enable you to protect sensitive information while facilitating a quicker payment process.

6. GoFreight’s Freight Forwarding Software Facilitates Excellent Product Cost Management

Product cost management (PCM) is essential to any business operation. Access to crucial financial information from each segment of your process puts you in control of your business’s health. How does this help with customer relationships? Having excellent PCM helps your business maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your customers in several ways:

  • A PCM helps reduce costs in your operations, enabling you to charge your customers lower prices.
  • A PCM helps increase the efficiency of your operations. With an optimized and streamlined process, you can derive more value from your business operations than from charging your customers more to gain profits.
  • A robust accounting module allows your software to better manage and monitor your operations, allowing you to allocate time and resources to improve customer care.

Conclusion: GoFreight’s Freight Logistics Software Is the Best Option for Improving Customer Relations

GoFreight’s freight forwarding software is easy to use. You can impress your customers using GoFreight’s freight forwarding software in several ways. From an easy-to-use customer portal, you can have one touch-point that will be sufficient to supply your customers with all the essential information about their shipments. Plus, any employee, whether a new hire or a seasoned employee, can use GoFreight’s software with minimal training. GoFreight’s freight logistics software will allow you to maximize your staff’s ability to execute their duties, making your business operate efficiently. Best of all, GoFreight’s freight logistics software has robust accounting, billing, and invoicing functions that help you control your financials better, thereby allowing you to deal with your customers efficiently. Ready to impress your customers? Get a demo now!

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