8 Benefits of Having a Container Tracking System for Your Business

8 Benefits of Having a Container Tracking System for Your Business

Time is essential for a freight forwarding business. Overcoming the challenges of today’s freight forwarding industry means having superior supply chain visibility.  It is not a luxury but a necessity for your organization, no matter the size of your operation. Among all aspects of the freight forwarding business, having an effective container tracking system that makes information available to you when you need it is crucial in keeping your business on track.

A container tracking system does not just keep track of every shipment you handle worldwide; it can also track inventory and accurate shipping times and help enhance your customer service. With an improved container tracking system module added to your freight forwarding software, your business will enjoy tremendous benefits.

What Is a Container Tracking System?

A container tracking system provides real-time data on containers using a combination of an IoT (Internet of Things) system utilizing satellites, sensors, and a back-end system. A container tracking system provides visibility to different parties, allowing them to take appropriate actions when necessary.

The development of the IoT made container tracking in its current form possible. Using sensors attached to containers that transmit their locations through satellites, allows users to access this information through a back-end system. With real-time information available to users, a forwarder freighter or a freight forwarding company can reassure clients of accurate arrival times or take contingency actions ahead of time. The information provided by a container tracking system can also help suppliers proactively address emergencies, such as shipment delays, damage or loss of cargo, and other information the system provides.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using the Best Container Tracking System?

Freight forwarding software is a freight logistics solution to help freight forwarding companies manage their operations efficiently. Aside from providing an easy-to-use interface to help operators, managers, and business owners look after operations, the best freight forwarding software can also produce all the documents needed, such as bills of lading and airway bills, among others. The ideal freight forwarding software should also make invoicing, quotation, payment transfers, accounting operations, and checking profit and loss statements easier, to enable relevant personnel to make timely crucial decisions once required. To achieve these tasks, freight management software should be able to manage forwarder business, control accounting status, boost team productivity, and improve operating efficiency.

How Will the Ideal Freight Forwarding Software Save Money for Freighters?

Having relevant tracking information within reach can benefit your business beyond enhanced visibility. Here are some of the most tangible among them:

  1. A Container Tracking System Provides Supply Chain Visibility

    Supply chain visibility is the most straightforward benefit provided by container tracking software. The real-time update provides supply chain managers with information on the location of containers and can help them plan routes, work around possible delays, and track shipments. Sensors placed on containers also provide helpful information, such as temperature and humidity, essential to handling perishable or hazardous goods in transit.

  2. The Best Container Tracking System Saves Time

    The best container tracking system is user-friendly and can be easily accessed by relevant employees. These systems should be able to consolidate information from as many ports as possible, allowing operations to save time compared to accessing the individual ports’ website information, which can prove cumbersome. A good container tracking system should also have a function that alerts users on shipment milestones, such as container arrivals or delays, which is especially useful when tracking numerous containers worldwide.

  3. A Container Tracking System Enhances Operational Efficiency

    Freight forwarding software is designed to enhance the operational efficiency of your business. With a centralized system integrated into freight forwarding software to keep track of container movements, companies can get a clearer picture of every aspect of their operations, especially inventory levels, upon request. The play among integrated systems provides helpful information in real-time, which can be used to improve processes, primarily how containers are utilized as efficiently as possible. For instance, data such as returning empty containers or container utilization rates help freight forwarding companies pinpoint areas where they can further improve costs.

  4. A Container Tracking Software Provides Valuable Insights Instantly

    The user interface of an ideal container tracking software contains all the information a user needs to determine the location of inventory at any given moment. Without effective container tracking software, companies losing track of inventory won’t be able to make appropriate and timely decisions, leading to persistent shipment issues, such as lost shipments and delays. Your business can make informed decisions in managing your inventory with real-time container location information. For example, your container tracking system identifies issues in your supply chains, such as port congestion and inefficiencies. By being consistently on top of the situation, you can make decisions that can help your operations run smoothly.

  5. You Can Impress Your Customers With the Enhanced Visibility Provided by Your Container Tracking System

    In today’s competitive freight forwarding business environment, providing excellent customer service is essential for the growth of your business. By providing your customers with enhanced visibility and the status of your containers, you can provide customers with accurate information about commitment times. Issues, such as shipment delays and other potential problems, are quickly identified, helping your business, and your clients make appropriate adjustments to minimize further problems. Because of the real-time information you provide to your clients, your clients can expect better service when they work with your business.

  6. A Container Tracking System Helps You Cut Costs

    There are several ways a container tracking system can cut costs for your business. Real-time tracking of containers can help you plan shipping routes efficiently, thereby minimizing shipping costs. You can also track shipment container capacities to ensure that you can maximize the space available. Another way freighters can save on costs is by taking back empty containers rather than spending precious dollars on new ones. Lastly, costly inefficiencies in operations, such as delays in decision-making or wrong decisions based on faulty assumptions are eliminated when you have access to real-time information.

  7. A Container Tracking System Helps Keep Shipments Secure

    A container tracking system helps your business ensure that your shipments are not diverted or stolen. Moreover, a container tracking system can provide helpful information on resource utilization. Using this information, your business can improve its security policies and make informed decisions on how to ensure the security of the products you handle.

  8. With an Enhanced Container Tracking System, You Can Enjoy a High Return-on-Investment Quickly

    If you consider adding enhancements to your existing container tracking as an expense, think again. Enhancements, such as a track-and-trace function, a branded customer portal, and enhanced visibility features, can save on labor costs, help your business eliminate lost inventory, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.  With the further time saved and the quality of service you can consistently deliver with the enhancements you invest in for your container tracking system, you can recoup the cost in a surprisingly short time.

Takeaways: The Best Container Tracking System Has Benefits That Can Help Ensure High Profitability for Your Business

Though the most apparent benefit of a container tracking system is supply chain visibility, the improvements it can provide to your operation’s efficiency lead to further benefits whose impact goes far beyond the investment you make. With container tracking software provided by GoFreight, you will enjoy cutting-edge solutions that will prove to be a game-changer for your business. You will enjoy higher profit levels for your business with reduced costs, enhanced security, improved customer service, and supply chain visibility.

To learn more about GoFreight’s container tracking software, visit its product page for more details. But if you want to join over 1000+ companies that have improved their profitability through their reliance on our freight management solutions, request a free demo now.

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